Food additive
Calcium gluconate
Potassium gluconate
Sodium gluconate
Zinc gluconate
Magnesium gluconate
Ferrous gluconate
Copper gluconate
Manganese gluconate
Mupirocin calcium
Lipase inhibitor
Cyclosporine soft capsule(Trade name: Qiangsheng)
SIMVASTATIN TABLETS(Trade name: Xizhida)
Calcium Gluconate Tablets
Acetylkitasamycin Granules(Trade name: Tiancao)
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Zhejiang Ruibang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a modern pharmaceutical enterprise engaged in producing APIs and preparations. There are more than 600 employees in the company.

Ruibang always keep constantly improving its manufacturing process and technology and the quality of its pharmaceutical products under the standard of GMP.Ruibang’s main products include antibiotics,drugs for cardiomuscular diseases and immuno-in-hibiting agents,food additives and nutrient fortifying agents. It has been certificated by US FDA and. EU COS. Most of the products from Ruibang are exported to the world markets including USA,some of the European countries,Japan and some of the South East Asian Countries.

Ruibang possesses the equipment and facilities of world advanced level for its productionlines and the modern instruments and apparatus for QC. The computerized management system is established for the modernization management. Ruibang now is one of the rapid development , new products owned, high qualification of technical staff employed enterprises in China.

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